View From The North Rim
November 12, 2000
12" X 16 ",
Oil on Canvas Board

Sunset Along A Country Road ,
May, 26, 2002
16" X 20 ",
Oil on board

Each time David Cornell creates a painting, his goal is to capture that total Impression: the image, plus the sense of being there. If it is snowing, he visually senses the beauty of the scene, but he also feels the cold of the wind and snow on his face, he smells the fragrance of wood smoke, and he hears the crunch of snow under his boots. All these natural elements influence his paintings, often stirring distant memories and a sense of having been there before.

Cornell’s love of nature is evident in his paintings. He works to capture not only the obvious beauty around him, but also the feeling and mood of the moment: the warmth of a sunlit meadow, the current of life in a rushing stream, the cool shadows of a dense forest. When given the choice, he prefers working out of doors “on location” rather than in a studio. “Paintings done directly in nature are influenced by changing patterns of light and shadow, as well as by the sense of sound, smell and touch” says Cornell. “Plein air painting helps capture the spontaneity of an experience that exists but for a passing moment in time, much like recording a treasured event in a visual dairy.”

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